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All about Gas-Powered Pressure Washers
Gas-Powered pressure washers
These machines are ideal for mobile outdoor and even some indoor applications. A key consideration is the cost of competing fuels.
Pressure Washers for Wet Sandblasting
Wet Sandblasting pressure washers
Sand pickup tubes, sand points, venture heads. Learn before choosing a pressure washer with sandblasting capabilities.
Best Pressure cleaners

Welcome to Pressure Washers and Cleaners

Pressure Washers and Cleaners Guide is the site for cleaning professionals who buy and use pressure washers for industrial & commercial uses. We offer tips and buying advice tailored toward cleaning and maintenance staffs that work in a range of environments, ranging from the greasiest industrial shop floors to the highest volume commercial establishments to the most refined residential cleaning services.

Our Buying Advice section includes recommendations and advice for cleaning specific surfaces, as well as discussions of key speeds, feeds, and technical terminology related to purchasing and maintaining your pressure washer equipment.

We also include links to the most useful sites for steam cleaning operators. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions and suggestions.

Using Pressure Washers for Cleaning Vehicles
Car Pressure Washers
So-called mobile car wash products are now available from some manufacturers. Should you buy one? What are the pros and cons ?
The Right Product for Agricultural Applications
Commercial Pressure Washers
Specialized agricultural equipment can be expensive to clean and maintain. But the right pressure washer can to save time and money.
Cleaning Construction Sites
industrial pressure washers
Debris, dirt, drywall dust - it's all there in mass quantities. Learn how to pick a pressure washer that can handle the mess without breaking the bank.

All About Pressure Levels
Commercial Pressure Washer
When it comes to serious cleaning jobs, too much pressure can be just as bad as too little. Keep your customers happy by making the right choices.

Make Your Biz Look Big
pressure washing business
First impressions are critical, particularly for small companies. By cleaning your concrete walkways and pavers, you provide a professional look.

Buying Advice
How Durable is it?
When shopping for a pressure washer, some buyers put too much emphasis on price. Don't be penny wise and pound-per-square-inch foolish.

Best Pressure Washers: Matching the Machine to the Application

Purchase Power Washers With The Right Features

A pressure washer is many times more powerful than an ordinary garden hose. That is why pressure washers are extensively used for a variety of commercial cleaning tasks. Nothing beats the efficacy of a high-quality commercial pressure washer with durable parts and efficiency enhancing technologies. Technologically advanced pressure cleaners sold by Daimer® have made it simpler for contractors to purchase machines with just the right set of features and pressure levels.

Daimer®'s pressure cleaners range in pressure levels from 750 psi to 8000 psi. A pressure washing equipment used in commercial locations reduces cleaning time and improves the quality of cleaning. These pressure cleaning machines are built to work under rigorous conditions, such as high pressure, high temperature, and continuous heavy-duty cleaning.

Durable, long-lasting hose

Without high-quality parts that last for a long time, you could be facing a difficult time fulfilling your cleaning requirements. High-quality parts are indispensable to the functioning of commercial pressure washers. Pressure washing systems with specially reinforced hoses offer greater safety and efficiency. Daimer®'s pressure hoses have the following advantages:
  • Durable and safe: No rupturing and cracking due to heat or corrosive chemicals.
  • Suitably long: If you are serious about getting the maximum benefits from your power washer, you have to choose a pressure cleaning system with a long hose. Daimer®'s pressure washing systems are fitted with hoses as long as 50 feet. You can customize the hose length, adding more length to the hose or reducing length as per your requirements.
  • Cover more ground: A long hose enables operators to clean wider areas without moving the pressure washer. The time thus saved is spent on actual cleaning and this raises productivity.
  • Clean indoor and outdoor areas: A long hose ensures that you can clean indoor areas even if the pressure washing equipment is powered by gasoline or diesel, or has an oil based heating system.

Diverse power methods

Another important feature of these pressure cleaners is variable power options available in the pressure washers range. You could choose a pressure wash system that has an electric motor and is heated by propane. This is one of the most popular options because electricity is an easily available power source while propane is a clean fuel. Where electricity is unavailable, you may use pressure cleaners powered by gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, or even jet fuel. The choice of the pressure cleaning system depends on the availability of a particular fuel in different locations and industries. For example, contractors in the aviation industry prefer to use jet fuel pressure wash machines. Generally, pressure cleaning machines that do not generate noxious fumes, such as electricity operated, propane heated power washers, are used in indoor areas. These machines can also be used outdoors with long hoses. For using gasoline or diesel-powered machines located on trucks to clean indoors, you require a long hose to reach locations within facilities.

Remove everything from heavy grease to graffiti

Ugly graffiti ruins the look of buildings. Using hot water pressure washers, you can wash the graffiti off walls and buildings. Industrial pressure washer systems feature high temperature, which helps in the breakdown of grease and other substances found on graffiti. A chemical is typically required a pre-spray, followed by scrubbing with a deck-type brush. High pressure washer systems can handle large scale work with ease. You can undertake the cleaning of large buildings and hard surfaces using these power washers.

Always purchase a pressure wash system with the right features. Reputable dealers help customers select the machine most suited to their requirements, which ensures that buyers get the machine that helps them with different cleaning applications, increases productivity, and reduces inefficiency. Go through the “pressure washers and cleaners guide” to learn more about different pressure washing machines and their features, as well as their uses.

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