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Advanced Steam Cleaners for Superior Auto Detailing

The most popular machines for auto detailing include pressure washers for the vehicle's body and carpet extractors for the vehicle's interior carpet and upholstery. However, one largely overlooked auto detailing machine is the steam cleaner. These machines are versatile enough to be used on a wide variety of surfaces within the vehicle: windows, windshields, dashes, door jambs, wheels, and more. A steam cleaning machine can even be used to spot clean automotive carpets.

Advanced vapor steam cleaners from reputable suppliers feature high temperature steam cleaning technology to simplify and enhance auto detailing. Using temperatures up to 360°F, steam cleaners can soften hardened residues like dirt, grease, salt, and other deposits from surfaces on the interior and exterior of a vehicle. A vapor steam cleaner with added vacuum extraction speeds the cleaning process for auto detailers by simultaneously extracting dirty residues while cleaning.

Another key feature of industrial steam cleaners is high steam density. High quality machines from top suppliers utilize vapor steam with 200% greater steam density than cheaper models.

One of the greatest benefits of using an industrial steam cleaner for auto detailing is the cleaning power. Using high temperatures, reduces the need for harmful chemicals often associated with auto detailing. To increase the power of these steam cleaner machines, consider green chemicals.

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