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Cold Water or Steam Pressure Washer – Which is Best for You?

Cold Water or Steam Pressure Washer
Pros and Cons
The steam pressure washer is certainly a powerful cleaning machine, using steam and optimum pressure levels to tackle some of the toughest cleaning jobs. A steam power washer can handle jobs like heavy grease removal and other kinds of industrial cleaning jobs. However, these units aren’t ideal for cleaning more sensitive surfaces, especially those that might get damaged when exposed to high more

How to Buy the Right Hot Water Pressure Washer for Your Needs

Hot Water Pressure Washerbest power washer for your needs.
Convenience and Efficiency
A number of features offered with the average hot water pressure washer are geared towards better user convenience. For instance, it’s possible to find models that offer tri-mode cleaning options in one handy unit. In other words, a single machine can operate as a cold water, hot water and steam power washer. If your cleaning requirements consist of varying degrees of cleaning, itread more