Pressure Washer Machines For Effective Construction Equipment Cleaning

Pressure Washer Machines For Effective Construction

Excavators, dump trucks, and other heavy machinery used in construction sites feature lots of tight spaces and crevices that cannot be easily accessed with traditional scrubbing and washing techniques. The multiple attachments available with power cleaner systems enable easy access to nooks and corners to ensure superior results in construction equipment cleaning. The high pressure levels of the machines also help cut down the effort of users engaged in construction equipment cleaning.

The best steam pressure washer machines designed for construction equipment cleaning feature high temperatures to help users manage demanding applications, such degreasing construction machinery. Cold water will not help clean off grease deposits. Alternatively, hot water or steam dissolves and washes off grease and oil particles quickly and effectively. Green degreasers may also be added for better degreasing results.

The Super Max™ 9000 from Daimer® is an ideal pressure washer machine for construction equipment cleaning. The tri-mode version featuring flow rates of 2.8 gpm and pressure levels of 1500 psi helps accomplish a range of cleaning applications in construction sites. Temperatures as high as 250ºF ensure effective degreasing of different surfaces. Visit for more information on these power cleaning systems.

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