Rug Shampooer: Designed to Tackle the Toughest Industrial Applications

Rug Shampooer

Powerful, walk-behind, box-type rug shampooer machines are ideal for managing cleaning applications in vast commercial and industrial settings. To continue maintaining vast areas in hotels, casinos, malls, and offices without having to refill or dispose water occasionally, it is best to purchase rug shampooer machines featuring large-sized solution and recovery tanks.

It is also highly recommended to choose carpet steam cleaners with low flow technology. This ensures lower water consumption, which in turn, contributes to cutting down the time needed for carpets to dry completely. In fact, the latest versions of rug shampooer systems use very little water for cleaning, so that carpets are able to dry in just one hour.

The XTreme Power® XPH-12000 from Daimer® is an industrial rug shampooer featuring an air flow of 110 cfm, 160 inches of water column lift and pump pressure of 220 psi. The two powerful, inline heating components help heat water to temperatures as high as 210ºF in just five minutes. For enhanced cleaning action and better cleaning results, users have the option of using optional wands like the 12-inch dual jet wand and the 12-inch single jet wand. To boost efficiency, the carpet extractor comes with a cleaning path of 20 inches. Visit to purchase the right carpet shampooer systems for industrial needs.

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