Parking Lot Cleaning: How Gas Pressure Washers Have The Edge?

Parking Lot Cleaning

Gas pressure washers do not depend on an external power source, such as electricity plug points. These machines can be used in the absence of electricity, which is why gas pressure washers are preferred for parking lot cleaning, as well as maintenance of public infrastructure.

The third advantage is that gas pressure washers, which generate fumes, can be used in outdoor areas, such as parking lots, where fumes dissipate easily. Modern gas pressure washers have long hoses, which makes indoor use possible as well.

Gas pressure washers usually have heavy-duty engines, up to 18.0 HP in some machines. These machines also have a 9 gallon fuel tank. An efficient electronic ignition system makes these systems even more attractive as parking lot cleaning machines. These machines have oil-based heating systems. The efficient heating mechanism enables gas pressure washers to reach temperatures as high as 330°F, although lower temperatures can be used if needed.

The machines from reputed suppliers like Daimer® have pressure levels up to 3000 PSI and flow rates of 5 GPM. The temperature options are hot, cold, and wet steam. The machines reach high temperatures in just 30 seconds, adding to the efficiency of the pressure wash systems.

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