What Works Best for Conveyor Belt Cleaning?

top-grade electric power wash systemConveyor belt cleaning is an indispensable part of routine cleaning operations in settings where conveyor belts are used. This includes manufacturing/packaging industries, airports, escalators, assembly lines, ski carriages, and more. To ensure top performance and safety of users, the belts in these machines must be well-maintained. With daily use, conveyor belts can easily collect, dust, grease, and grime. Therefore, adopting advanced cleaning techniques is of utmost importance.

The latest technologies in cleaning and degreasing now enable cleaning professionals to maintain machinery and belts even when it is in use. Power cleaners are among the most preferred machines for conveyor belt cleaning. Capable of ejecting steam or hot water at high pressure levels, pressure cleaning machines help accomplish better results than traditional cleaning methods. The sanitizing property of high temperatures makes these conveyor belt cleaning systems ideal for use in pharmaceutical and food processing industries that demand exceptionally high standards of hygiene.

A top-grade electric power wash system is highly versatile and suitable for almost all types of conveyor belt cleaning – be it metal, plastic, mesh, or any other kind of material. For example, the Super Max™ 7000 is a powerful pressure wash machine capable of generating steam at temperatures as high as 330°F and hot water at temperatures of up to 210°F. Flow rates of 2.5 GPM and pressure levels of 1000 PSI endow the electric power washer with amazing cleaning capability.

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