How to Perform Ice Dam Removal Safely and Quickly?

Ice dams are a threat to integrity of buildings and need to be removed as quickly as possible. Experienced contractors know that the easiest method to remove the ice dams and prevent water logging and more ice formation on rooftops and near gutters is to use a high-quality pressure washer. The best pressure washer for removing ice dams is one that features the right combination of heat, pressure level, flow rate, and mobility.

Pressure and Flow Rate

Machines with pressure levels of 1000 PSI are ideal for ice dam removal. The pressure levels are sufficiently high to blast the ice and snow away from the roof surface. The other aspect is the flow rate. Keeping in mind that machines with greater flow rate could lead to more water logging or ice formation, so contractors use machines with flow rates up to 2 GPM.

The use of steam or hot water

Depending on your requirements, you could use either steam or hot water for eliminating ice dams. Since ice melts with the application of heat, you require a machine that generates high temperatures. Daimer®’s pressure wash systems create temperatures as high as 330°F. This eliminates the pressure and helps in removing ice dams from the machine.

The heating method depends on the availability of heating fuel and the preference of the contractor. Electricity-powered machines offer a range of heating choices, based on heating oil, diesel, and kerosene, if you are using an oil fired machine. These machines can be used for ice dam removal, since most of the work is conducted outdoors and there is no likelihood of fume buildup.

Daimer®’s electric pressure washers also have the bonus that they are compatible with power configurations in different geographies. No matter where you reside, you can use Daimer® machines after plugging them to the local electricity plug outlet.

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