Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning: Pressure Washing Versus Other Cleaning Methods

The right pressure washing equipment offers a great advantage over the scraping method of duct cleaning. Pressure washing eliminates all types of grime from duct, exposing the actual metal surface. This kind of complete cleanliness is not possible with other methods of duct cleaning.

The importance of proper cleaning

One of the reasons duct cleaning is mandatory is that the buildup of grease and combustible matter inside the ducts could start a fire. Many commercial kitchen fires are caused by the grease stuck inside the duct.

Another reason for cleaning ducts is the need to maintain proper hygiene. Ducts carry out smoke and foul odor causing gases, which is why clogged ducts are such a health hazard in indoor areas. Eliminating the cause of the problem is one of the ways to ensure that the indoor area remains smoke free and healthy.

Pressure washers as the ideal duct cleaning equipment

Daimer® offers a range of pressure washers for cleaning ducts. These machines typically have pressure levels of 1000 PSI. The high pressure removes grime forcefully from the metal surface of ducts.

Another advantage of using these machines is their low flow rate. The duct cleaning machines feature flow rates of 2.5 GPM. This enables contractors to clean ducts and hoods without risking drainage problems.

The third advantage of Daimer® machines is their high temperatures. They have temperatures up to 330°F, which is important in grease removal. The high temperature helps melt grease and the water flow washes it away.

Machines used for kitchen hood and duct cleaning typically feature electric motors. Electricity-powered machines, with propane-based heating systems, do not pollute the indoor areas. They are ideal for indoor cleaning applications, particularly in commercial kitchens where high pressure levels combined with a non-polluting power source makes kitchen cleaning easier and faster.

Ref: Tips to Maintain Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Duct


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