How A Portable Car Washing System Fulfills The Special Requirements Of Auto Detailing?

There are many other reasons why only the best pressure washers should be used. These machines feature lower flow rates than regular industrial pressure washers, reducing runoff and water capture costs. Daimer®’s Super Max™ 15400, a stationary machine suitable for fixed location car washes, features only 3 GPM flow rate. It offers pressure levels of 700 PSI, sufficient for cleaning car exteriors. It must be kept in mind that machines with very high pressure levels are damaging to the car paint. That is why Daimer® offers machines with moderate pressure levels for car washing.

Mobile machines for hot water cleaning

The Super Max™ 8700, a trailer mountable machine, is ideal for mobile as well as fixed location car wash businesses. This machine has pressure levels of 1500 PSI and flow rate of 3 GPM. This electric machine does not feature a heating system. It can be plugged to an existing hot water source to use water up to 180°F for varied applications.

Another one of the trailer mountable products is the Super Max™ 9000SCW, with pressure levels of 1500 PSI and flow rate of 2.8 GPM. This machine, featuring an electric motor, is also heated by propane. The electricity-propane combination ensures that the environment is not harmed in any way. The machine can be used for cleaning cars in indoor and outdoor areas.

Convenient hose dimensions

The machines carry long hoses to enable faster cleaning and less requirement for moving the machine. The hose in some machines is as long as 25 feet. The buyer can purchase additional hose length to customize length to their requirements. The trigger wands are a special feature that enhance productivity and reduce the need to walk back and forth to the machine to switch it on or off.

Daimer® also sells many other types of pressure washers to complete a portable car washing system. Learn more about these machines on


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