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How A Portable Car Washing System Fulfills The Special Requirements Of Auto Detailing?

There are many other reasons why only the best pressure washers should be used. These machines feature lower flow rates than regular industrial pressure washers, reducing runoff and water capture costs. Daimer®’s Super Max™ 15400, a stationary machine suitable for fixed location car washes, features only 3 GPM flow rate. It offers pressure levels of 700 PSI, sufficient for cleaning car exteriors. It must be kept in mind that machines with very high pressure levels are damaging to the car more

Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning: Pressure Washing Versus Other Cleaning Methods

The right pressure washing equipment offers a great advantage over the scraping method of duct cleaning. Pressure washing eliminates all types of grime from duct, exposing the actual metal surface. This kind of complete cleanliness is not possible with other methods of duct cleaning.

The importance of proper cleaning

One of the reasons duct cleaning is mandatory is that the buildup of grease and combustible matter inside the ducts could start a fire. Many commercial kitchenread more

How to Perform Ice Dam Removal Safely and Quickly?

Ice dams are a threat to integrity of buildings and need to be removed as quickly as possible. Experienced contractors know that the easiest method to remove the ice dams and prevent water logging and more ice formation on rooftops and near gutters is to use a high-quality pressure washer. The best pressure washer for removing ice dams is one that features the right combination of heat, pressure level, flow rate, and mobility.

Pressure and Flow Rate

Machines with pressureread more

Power Wash Systems For Oil Rig Maintenance

Oil Rig MaintenanceThere are a host of different cleaning applications in oil fields. The most important of these jobs is maintaining the expensive equipment, especially the oil rig. The large size of the industrial machines and the huge volume of grime and grease it accumulates make the cleaning tasks really tough and time-consuming. This is the reason why cleaning professionals in charge of maintaining oil rigs choose advanced hard surface cleaners or industrial pressure washers to simplify theirread more

What Works Best for Conveyor Belt Cleaning?

top-grade electric power wash systemConveyor belt cleaning is an indispensable part of routine cleaning operations in settings where conveyor belts are used. This includes manufacturing/packaging industries, airports, escalators, assembly lines, ski carriages, and more. To ensure top performance and safety of users, the belts in these machines must be well-maintained. With daily use, conveyor belts can easily collect, dust, grease, and grime. Therefore, adopting advanced cleaning techniques is of utmostread more

Parking Lot Cleaning: How Gas Pressure Washers Have The Edge?

Parking Lot Cleaning

Gas pressure washers do not depend on an external power source, such as electricity plug points. These machines can be used in the absence of electricity, which is why gas pressure washers are preferred for parking lot cleaning, as well as maintenance of public infrastructure.

The third advantage is that gas pressure washers, which generate fumes, can be used in outdoor areas, such as parking lots, where fumes dissipate easily. Modern gas pressure washers have long hoses, which makes indoor useread more

Advanced Metal Degreasing Machines Make Even the Most Difficult Task Easy

Wondering how to de-grease metal easily and quickly? Well, buying metal degreasing machines from renowned brands is the answer. Metal degreasing machines are generally steam pressure washers that can create temperatures as high as 330ºF and pressures up to 1500 psi. These powerful machines emit pressurized hot steam to dissolve and blast away the oily deposits like grease from industrial machinery with ease.

In industries, such as appliances, aircraft, electronics, automotive and railroad,read more

Temperature Options in the Best Electric Pressure Washers

Best Electric Pressure Washersbest electric pressure washers available from leading suppliers have been designed to cater to diverse applications in commercial and industrial settings. There are different versions of power cleaners for every possible cleaning requirement, ranging from lighter-duty ones designed for maintaining parking lots to heavy-duty versions for cleaning oil rigs. To cater to these different cleaning demands, the power wash systems are equipped with varying pressure levels, flow rates, and temperatureread more

Rug Shampooer: Designed to Tackle the Toughest Industrial Applications

Rug Shampooer
Powerful, walk-behind, box-type rug shampooer machines are ideal for managing cleaning applications in vast commercial and industrial settings. To continue maintaining vast areas in hotels, casinos, malls, and offices without having to refill or dispose water occasionally, it is best to purchase rug shampooer machines featuring large-sized solution and recovery tanks.
It is also highly recommendedread more

Pressure Washer Machines For Effective Construction Equipment Cleaning

Pressure Washer Machines For Effective Construction

Excavators, dump trucks, and other heavy machinery used in construction sites feature lots of tight spaces and crevices that cannot be easily accessed with traditional scrubbing and washing techniques. The multiple attachments available with power cleaner systems enable easy access to nooks and corners to ensure superior results in construction equipment cleaning. The high pressure levels of the machines also help cut down the effort of users engaged in construction equipment cleaning.

Theread more