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How A Portable Car Washing System Fulfills The Special Requirements Of Auto Detailing?

There are many other reasons why only the best pressure washers should be used. These machines feature lower flow rates than regular industrial pressure washers, reducing runoff and water capture costs. Daimer®’s Super Max™ 15400, a stationary machine suitable for fixed location car washes, features only 3 GPM flow rate. It offers pressure levels of 700 PSI, sufficient for cleaning car exteriors. It must be kept in mind that machines with very high pressure levels are damaging to the car more

Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning: Pressure Washing Versus Other Cleaning Methods

The right pressure washing equipment offers a great advantage over the scraping method of duct cleaning. Pressure washing eliminates all types of grime from duct, exposing the actual metal surface. This kind of complete cleanliness is not possible with other methods of duct cleaning.

The importance of proper cleaning

One of the reasons duct cleaning is mandatory is that the buildup of grease and combustible matter inside the ducts could start a fire. Many commercial kitchenread more