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If Pets are a Problem for Your Carpets, Use Carpet Cleaners

Whether you own or care for a cat, a dog, or even a hamster, it is vital to ensure that pet vomit, urine, or other residues do not remain unattended on your carpets, upholstery, or bedding. Only powerful carpet extractors can help you effectively clean all areas used by pets. This is essential in pet care facilities or pet stores with carpeting.

Today's latest carpet cleaner machines feature advanced cleaning technologies that efficiently extract dust, dirt, pet hair, dust mites, bed bugs, food particles, and allergens from pet bedding, carpets, and upholstery. A quality carpet shampooer is great for eliminating tough urine stains and nasty odors in addition to deep cleaning carpets. While non-heated carpet extractors use cold water to clean carpets, heated versions generate high temperature steam at temperatures up to 210°F. Such high temperatures ensure exceptional cleaning, while powerful extraction ensures complete removal of virtually all stains and residues.

The best carpet cleaners for removing pet hair and stains feature low moisture technology that uses minimal water during the cleaning process. This not only allows for faster drying, but it also eliminates the risk of mildew and mold. In fact, carpet cleaning with carpet extractors featuring low flow technology dry in about 1 to 6 hours. On the other hand, carpets cleaned with traditional shampooers require 24-hour drying periods. If you are finding it impossible to keep your carpets clean with pets around, try a high quality carpet shampooer.

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