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Benefits of Using Carpet Cleaners in Your Store

For maintaining the carpets in your store, office, or retail facility, nothing can beat quality carpet extractors that feature rugged construction and top-grade components. In fact, an advanced carpet cleaner from a reputable supplier can produce cleaning results that surpass those of carpet cleaning professionals.

A top-quality carpet shampooer includes features and cleaning technologies that can maintain carpets in high-traffic areas with minimum effort. For instance, the low flow technology present in new carpet extractors cleans carpets and allows them to dry faster when compared to conventional, high flow carpet cleaning machines.

In fact, a traditional carpet cleaner that uses high moisture levels for cleaning leaves carpets so wet you must allow 24 hours for drying. This greatly reduces productivity as it requires workers and customers to stay off the carpeted area. However, rugs cleaned with a carpet shampooer with low moisture technology dry in just 1 to 6 hours. Since the low flow technology requires the use of very little moisture for cleaning carpets, it also wastes less water and reduces the risk of mold or mildew growth in damp carpets.

The best carpet extractors offer outstanding cleaning power by generating steam at temperatures up to 210ºF. The super-hot steam deep-cleans carpets by dissolving hardened stains. To increase the cleaning power of these machines, consider using green carpet cleaning chemicals for pre-spraying carpets and for use in the machines' detergent tanks.

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