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Using Carpet Cleaners for Extraordinary Results

Pressure washers are technologically advanced, powerful cleaning machines capable of eliminating tough deposits and greasy residues by ejecting water under high pressure. With the astounding range of power cleaners available today, you can easily choose the right version for your cleaning requirements in industrial or commercial settings.

Depending on the temperature options offered, pressure washers can be classified into steam pressure washer machines, hot water pressure cleaner systems, and cold water pressure cleaners. However, there is also another class called tri-mode pressure washers. These power cleaners can independently perform the functions of all three machines.

A hot pressure washer is great for tackling heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing jobs. With the powerful combination of hot water and high pressure levels, these pressure washers work extremely well in dissolving oil, grime, and stains from a variety of surfaces. This is why hot pressure washer machines are widely used in food processing plants that often feature large amounts of greasy and oily deposits. While cold water will solidify fat deposits into clumps that can stubbornly cling onto surfaces, the super-hot water ejected by a hot pressure washer will quickly dissolve and clean off greasy residue.

Steam pressure washer machines take cleaning to a new level. By ejecting steam at unbelievably high temperatures up to 330°F, steam cleaning equipment offers the most powerful, efficient, reliable and user-friendly option to eliminate all types of oily stains, dirt buildup and grime. Most importantly, steam pressure washer machines offer all this cleaning action without using cleaning chemicals or detergents. However, if additional cleaning power is needed, green cleaning chemicals are recommended.

Cold water pressure washers work well for light-duty cleaning tasks. However, for challenging cleaning tasks, look no further than heated power cleaners.

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