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Which Method is Best for Removing Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum removal is one of the toughest tasks to deal with. By taking a quick glance around sidewalks, parking lots, and buildings, you may see gum wads as old as 20 years. Unfortunately, gum is discarded carelessly in most public places, resulting in sticky and unsightly deposits.

For effective chewing gum removal, you may be considering different methods. Manual scrapping is the most common, but it is certainly not the most effective or efficient. In this case, workers spend hours manually scrapping away hardened deposits at a slow rate. The only true way to rapidly remove chewing gum is with a gum removing steam cleaner capable of simultaneously melting chewing gum wads and extracting the residues.

There are many reasons why chewing gum removal equipment is much more effective than other methods. Manually scraping often cannot remove the gum wad completely, leaving behind residues. It also takes a lot of time and energy to remove many gum stains at a time. Using gum removal machines will get rid of gum deposits quickly and completely. By using the cleaning power of steam, hardened gum deposits are easily loosened. The addition of a solution for the removal of gum further dissolves even the oldest gum wads. The use of a stainless steel brush works to agitate remaining stubborn gum deposits. The vacuum extraction capabilities of these units make the process complete and easy by extracting all gum residues.

Some chewing gum removal methods may also involve scraping and the use of chemicals. In many cases, these chemicals may be toxic and can leave behind harmful residue. They may even damage the surface that needs to be cleaned. The best gum removal equipment relies on steam cleaning power and biodegradable cleaning solutions that will not corrode the surface or harm the user.

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