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Cleaning Office Premises the Green Way

Maintaining an office involves the use of an array of cleaning chemicals for different surfaces. Carpets, tiled floors, concrete, glass, and painted surfaces have unique cleaning needs and thus demand different cleaning agents. Commercial cleaning solutions widely used in offices usually contain toxic chemical components that can trigger allergic reactions. For this reason, it is recommended to switch to a green cleaning product.

Here is a look at a few green chemicals you can utilize around the office:

Tile and Grout Cleaner

These green floor cleaners feature a concentrated, plant-based, environmentally friendly formulation that effectively penetrates and eliminates all types of dirt deposits on tiled surfaces and grout lines. Such floor cleaners or tile and grout cleaners are so powerful that they instantly dissolve tough deposits, such as calcium, lime, soap scum, and rust.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaners

The natural formulation of these green cleaners contains nano-based particles that efficiently clean and deodorize a range of hard surfaces, such as hardwood, tiles, ceramic, enamel, stone, plastic, marble, granite, fiberglass, and metal. These versatile hard surface floor cleaners and floor scrubbers can be used in concentrated or diluted form either directly or with floor cleaning machines.

Green Carpet Cleaner

The natural formulation and colloidal technology of green carpet cleaning solutions combine to create an exceptional cleaning force that eliminates stains, grease, ink stains, and dirt from upholstery and carpets. This green cleaning product can be used directly on carpets or in combination with carpet shampooers or steam cleaners.

Green Deodorizers

Instead of masking foul odors the way commercial deodorizers do, green deodorizers destroy the source of odor and then spread a nice fragrance.

By using green cleaning chemicals around the office, the risk of health hazards from harsh chemicals is reduced, making the workplace safer. Green products are safe for people, plants, and animals and are just as effective as their toxic counterparts.

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