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Heated Versus Non-heated Pressure Washers

Power washers are often categorized by temperature offerings: cold water, steam, and hot water.

A cold water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning tasks in residential or commercial facilities that do not require the extra power of steam or hot water. Cold-water high pressure washers are light-weight and compact and popular for use in businesses, like retail stores and restaurants.. One consideration for these customers is to purchase an electric pressure washer, which is quieter than fuel-powered models and produces no exhaust.

For the more demanding cleaning tasks, choose hot-water electric pressure washers. This type of electric pressure washer offers superior cleaning action by generating hot water at high pressure levels. That makes these hot water pressure washer machines suitable for cleaning greasy, grimy or other dirty surfaces. Hot water power washer equipment is especially beneficial for cleaning food manufacturing areas with lots of grease and oil.

Steam power washer models are the most powerful pressure cleaning machines available and the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning or degreasing jobs. These power cleaners generate super-hot steam at temperatures of about 330°F that quickly softens hardened dirt, tough stains, and stubborn grease. The high temperatures of these steam based electric pressure washers allow you to clean and sanitize simultaneously.

Today, you can also purchase tri-mode pressure cleaners that offer all three high pressure washer temperature settings. To choose the right pressure cleaner, understand the unit specifications, compare those to your needs and then buy a unit from a reputable distributor.

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