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How Important is Vacuum Extraction in Steam Cleaning?

To understand the significance of the vacuum extraction capability in a steam cleaner, it is important to first understand how a steam cleaning machine functions. After you fill the vapor steam cleaner with water, the boiler heats this water and converts it into a low-moisture, vaporized steam. This dry vapor is ejected through a nozzle onto the dirty surface. The steam softens stains, dirt, and grime on different materials and makes it easier to wipe them away later.

But an industrial steam cleaner does not blast away dirt and grime like pressure washer. This is because steam cleaning machines use lower pressure levels with a maximum of 150 psi, ideal for loosening dirt and stains.

High-quality steam cleaners available from reputable distributors include a vacuum extraction function that allows cleaning as well as simultaneously extracting softened dirt and debris. The extracted dirt particles or dirty solution is then deposited into an extraction tank.

The vacuum extraction feature helps to finish the cleaning process faster since the cleanup and extraction happens simultaneously. If the vapor steam cleaner does not possess this extraction feature, then towels are required to wipe off the moisture or dirt particles left behind after cleaning. An industrial steam cleaner from a reputable supplier usually comes with solution and extraction tanks with large capacities for continuously cleaning large areas.

Other features to consider include continuous refill technology for non-stop cleaning, antibacterial technology for complete sanitization, gum removal capabilities, and other technologies available from the industry's top suppliers.

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