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Floor Steam Cleaners

Gum Removal Made Easy With Floor Steam Cleaner

A floor steam cleaner is unbeatable when it comes to cleaning off dirt, stains, and grime from different surfaces. In addition to cleaning most floor types, newer versions of these machines also double up as gum removal equipment.

By ejecting extremely hot steam onto hard surfaces, a floor steam cleaner makes it unbelievably fast and easy to remove tough residues of chewing gum. The main forces behind the gum extraction capability of such gum removal equipment is high temperature levels up to 349ºF and powerful vacuum extraction functions.

While the super-hot steam instantly softens hardened gum wads, vacuum extraction ensures complete removal of gum residues. Since a floor steam cleaner utilizes the exceptional cleaning power of steam, you can completely avoid the use of harsh, gum removal chemicals. However, top suppliers do recommend using a biodegradable gum removal solution to improve the dissolving power and speed of a steam cleaner in removing chewing gum.

The gum removal capabilities of a floor steam cleaner are definitely better than the extraction functions of the best carpet steam cleaner. This is because the best carpet steam cleaner features lower temperature levels of around 210°F and are not designed for gum removing tasks.

Unlike the best carpet steam cleaner, advanced gum removal equipment features attachments and accessories like gum removing tools, gum softening solutions and stainless steel brushes to aid easy gum extraction. This gum removing system thus helps you clean off gum residues on your own without having to seek the services of professional cleaners.

Top-grade steam cleaning machines available from leading suppliers, feature quality components, making them durable, efficient, powerful, and user-friendly. Quality floor steam cleaner machines from reputable brands will also include innovative features like removable heating elements and self-cleaning boilers.

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