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Using Green Cleaners to Eliminate Carpet Odors

Keeping carpets clean, stain-free and smelling fresh is not always easy, especially in areas experiencing high traffic where stains often accumulate. Unless removed in a timely manner, these stains can result in strong foul odors, particularly those stains caused by organic materials. To clean these stains, many people turn to industrial cleaning chemicals formulated for carpet cleaning tasks like removing stains and deodorizing, like many commercially available pet urine odor removers. However, most of these commercial chemicals contain harmful components that can adversely affect health. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider switching to green carpet cleaners.

Plant-based carpet cleaning products available from leading distributors have been specially formulated to aggressively attack the dirt and stains on carpets while causing no harm to the carpet fiber. The powerful cleaning action of these green cleaning chemicals is the outcome of advanced formulation that contains nano-based molecules. These ultra-small particles effectively penetrate and dissolve tough dirt deposits and stains.

Green chemicals can also help deodorize carpets. Carpets generally smell bad if they contain organic matter such as food particles, pet urine, or vomit. So, to prevent your carpets from emitting foul odors, you must remove all traces of organic matter the moment you see it. However, residues left behind can be removed with the use of green cleaning chemicals designed to eliminate new and old odor causing molecules.

Unlike industrial chemicals that simply mask the foul odors, green deodorizers eliminate the source of odor before endowing the carpets with a pleasant fragrance. This ensures complete odor elimination without the risk of residual odors occuring later.

Green cleaners can be added to carpet cleaners and steam cleaners for added cleaning power. With the staggering range of green carpet cleaners and deodorizers available online today, it is easier than ever before to find the right product for your needs.

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