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Effective Chewing Gum Removal in Colleges and Universities

If you are running a gum removal service or cleaning company, then you most likely know that chewing gum removal is one of the most difficult cleaning tasks. However, removing gum is necessary to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. Dirty, sticky floors, walls, and furniture can turn off potential customers, students, and parents.

Colleges and universities provide a number of possibilities to students, making these facilities beneficial to the future of our nation. They provide a welcoming environment in which to expand one's capabilities. However, the large number of students on campus can result in thousands of pieces of ugly, ground-in gum wads to eliminate. Lack of removal can deter potential students and their parents, and even existing students. As such, acquiring the right chewing gum removal equipment is vital for colleges and universities. Many schools may opt to invest in gum sidewalk cleaning services, providing a lucrative business opportunity to cleaning professionals. To capture this business, a cleaning professional must opt for the right tools.

A good machine not only removes gum efficiently, it also minimizes the materials needed, labor costs, and service-time. This allows you to maximize productivity, thereby maximizing revenue and profit. When buying a gum removing machine, use these questions to evaluate whether you are making the best choice.

Does the machine you are planning to buy:

Support continuous refill? Have a direct water feed option? These features greatly enhance versatility and reduce work time.

Attain high temperatures of up to 329°F? High temperatures combines with pressure levels of 96 psi or higher create the ideal settings to make the chewing gum removal process more efficient.

Have a removable heating rod? Removable heating rods allow you to replace one part of the machine in the event of boiler failure. This helps to keep down maintenance costs.

Minimize water consumption? This increases productivity through fewer refill cycles, and makes the unit eco-friendly because of lesser water usage.

Feature highly useful innovations like anti-bacterial technology and built-in HEPA filters? These technologies are great additional features to have. They promote a healthier environment free of allergens, dirt, germs, and bacteria.

These attributes can greatly increase efficiency and profits for your chewing gum removal business, as well as make environments cleaner and safer in colleges and universities. If the system you are considering has them, you can be sure it is among the best on the market.

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