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Key Gum Removal Technologies for Use in Schools

Chewing gum removal usually involves stressful cleaning of a variety of areas. Educational facilities, ranging from day cares to college universities, require regular cleaning and maintenance of buildings, corridors, gyms, locker rooms, classrooms, labs, and other areas. With each school catering to large number of people, it is not surprising there are large amounts of sticky, stubborn gum stuck to hard surfaces like sidewalks, fences, and walls.

Whether you run a sidewalk gum removal company or cleaning service, effective cleaning is the key to a successful gum removal business. Purchasing the right chewing gum removal equipment is critical. A good gum removal machine can make the difference between profit and loss for your business, so consider the following tips when making your purchase.

Most chewing gum removal machines use a steam cleaner as the primary method of cleaning. Water usage and refilling, therefore, influence productivity. Consider whether your work environment will have a water source for the boiler. If not, figure out the tank capacity your machine needs.

Units allowing continuous refilling of the tank are better than others that require you to wait for the boiler to depressurize in order for you to refill. Then, you will have to wait another 20 minutes for the boiler to steam up again, wasting precious cleaning time. Continuous refill technology provides for quicker chewing gum removing abilities by allowing refilling during operation, enabling you to do a lot more work in much less time.

If a water supply is available, consider a chewing gum removal machine that has a direct water feed. This automates water refilling through a hose whenever levels get too low. Some direct water feed models also allow continuous refill for instances when a hose or a water supply is not available.

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