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Tough Chewing Gum Removal Applications: Shopping Malls

Malls attract huge crowds on a daily basis, many of which enjoy chewing gum while they shop. This leaves mall maintenance professionals to battle with ugly chewing gum wads on previously spotless surfaces. Because malls require chewing gum removal on a daily basis, many of them prefer to invest in their own gum removing equipment.

Some malls outsource chewing gum removal tasks to professionals, though in time this can become highly expensive. While this is an ideal reason for shopping malls to purchase their own gum remover equipment, it makes removing gum in shopping malls a lucrative business opportunity for professional cleaning services. With the right chewing gum removal equipment, you can effectively clean a number of places, rapidly removing chewing gum.

Since chewing gum removal may not be your primary business, it is recommended that you invest in a versatile gum removal machine. These gum steam cleaners can also handle other steam cleaning tasks. Machines equipped with anti-bacterial technologies can effectively remove more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria. The addition of HEPA filters also help trap pollutants in the air and will not allow them to be released back into the environment.

With these machines, you can clean concrete, tile, granite, and other non-porous hard surfaces. They can remove gum from storefronts, lobbies, walkways, and even dustbins. Use them for cleaning window display glass and floors. These machines feature pressure levels varying from 75 psi to 120 psi, which is safe for most hard surfaces, including painted and varnished ones. They can reach astounding temperature levels as high as 329°F.

The powerful combination of steam temperatures, gum cleaning capabilities, anti-bacterial technology, and HEPA filtration enables operators to improve indoor air quality, enhance the healthy and safety of mall shoppers, and remove unsightly gum residues.

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