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A Comparative Look at Heated and Non-Heated Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning machines are primarily classified into heated and non-heated categories. Generally, heated versions are more powerful and feature a higher cleaning efficiency than non-heated machines. Non-heated models that utilize cold water work well for light-duty carpet cleaning applications like routine cleaning. On the other hand, heated versions that offer superior cleaning by ejecting hot water or steam are excellent for tackling challenging tasks like cleaning stained, greasy, or smelly carpets. A hot water or steam carpet cleaner deep cleans carpets by dissolving tough stains, dirt, oil, and grime, making it easier to extract the dissolved deposits.

Reputable suppliers offer both versions of carpet shampooers in various models ranging from portable machines, compact systems, and large, industrial models. The light-weight versions are especially great for cleaning carpeted stairways. To ensure your system is an ideal fit for this applications, look for machines that can be purchased with an optional stair tool.

Carpet cleaning machines usually feature one inline heating element that can heat water in about 15 minutes, though the use of two tank heating elements is also used. However, larger models of carpet cleaning machines designed for maintaining carpeted areas in industrial or commercial settings take about 5 minutes to begin generating hot water at maximum temperature up to 210ºF.

Before using a heated carpet cleaner, make sure that your carpet can handle high temperatures. To be extra safe, leading distributors now offer advanced carpet cleaning equipment with adjustable temperature settings. This feature allows you to set the temperature for different carpet types. Most new models of carpet shampooers are also versatile enough to be used for a host of other cleaning applications like detailing vehicle interiors and maintaining curtains and upholstery.

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