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High Pressure Washers with Exceptional Degreasing Abilities

High pressure power washers combine high pressure levels and super-high hot water and steam temperatures for maximum cleaning and degreasing performance. It is almost impossible to transform a greasy, stained surface into a sparkling one using conventional methods. However, high pressure washers can accomplish that difficult task with minimal effort.

For the best degreasing results, choose hot water or steam models instead of cold water pressure washers. A cold water unit will not eliminate tough grease completely, but will turn the grease into waxy clumps that can be even harder to eliminate. Hot-water-based high power washers dissolve the grease and oily deposits. Selecting a model with high steam temperatures will be even more effective, as degreasing capabilities are enhanced as temperature increases. The best models feature all three temperature options to meet the requirements of all cleaning applications.

Since high pressure washers can generate hot water with temperatures up to 210ºF and steam at temperatures up to 330ºF, they are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing jobs in industrial settings like food manufacturing plants. In addition to their powerful cleaning capabilities, these high ower industrial pressure washers are also user-friendly. A machine that combines high temperature levels and user friendly operation with high pressure levels up to 3000 psi and flow rates up to 5 GPM will offer unmatched degreasing capabilities.

The most important factor to consider is the quality of the machine. Degreasing with high pressure washers involves the use of hot water or steam, so it is important to purchase reliable pressure cleaners with high quality boilers and heating elements that can withstand high temperatures. To ensure that your high power washers will continue functioning well for years, it is vital that you make your purchase from reputable suppliers.

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