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Limitations of Steam Cleaners: Industrial Degreasing

Vapor steam cleaners that emit super-hot dry steam are widely used in commercial and industrial settings to tackle a host of cleaning challenges. Advanced versions of steam cleaning machines provide unmatched cleansing power by ejecting steam at a pressure levels of up to 150 psi and an extremely high temperature of up to 360°F. Another feature that makes industrial steam cleaners so effective is their ability to generate high density steam. In fact, a quality steam cleaner will emit steam that is almost 200% denser than the steam ejected by low quality steam cleaning machines.

In spite their powerful cleaning capabilities, industrial steam cleaners may not be the right choice for complicated degreasing applications in an industrial setting. For managing heavy-duty degreasing jobs effectively, you need a machine that offers both high temperature levels and high pressure levels. Although a steam cleaner boasts a high temperatures, it lacks the high pressure levels needed for degreasing jobs. Therefore, for cleaning greasy areas and industrial equipment, opt for a steam pressure washer instead of a vapor steam cleaner.

Featuring high pressure levels of up to 3000 psi and super-hot steam temperatures of about 330ºF, steam pressure washers offered by reputable suppliers work well for heavy degreasing tasks.

Despite this limitation, steam cleaners are desirable cleaning machines for a wide array of applications in commercial industrial settings, including: tile and grout cleaning, bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, spot cleaning carpets, and sanitizing.

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