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Industrial Pressure Washers

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SUPER MAX 12500 GE Pressure Washer

Daimer SUPER MAX 12500 GE Pressure Washer

Daimer's Super Max™ 12500 GE is a tri-mode commercial industrial gas powered, propane heated pressure washer. The 12500 GE operates with an 18 HP gasoline engine which makes the Super Max 12500 GE a gas powered pressure washer ideal for outdoor applications for which electric outlets are not available.
  • Pressure - 3000 psi
  • Flow Rate - 5 GPM
  • Temp. Options - cold, hot, wet steam
  • Steam Temp.- up to 330ºF
  • Hot Water Temp.- 180ºF - 210ºF
  • Standard Power Method - Gasoline Engine

Features Of Industrial Power Washers

Industrial power washers have everything contractors require in a machine designed to clean industrial locations, or for use in industrial cleaning applications. A pressure washer has the high pressure level required to forcefully remove dirt from concrete, brick, stone, tile, and similar hard surfaces.

Industrial power washers have made the maintenance of commercial, residential, and industrial areas much easier. These machines have a wide variety of applications, ranging from degreasing, industrial manufacturing and processing units to the removal of dirt, ice, and grease from cars and engines. These industrial pressure cleaning machines are used for cleaning sidewalks and roads. There also widely used for the maintenance of indoor spaces, such as public bathrooms and commercial kitchens. Industrial pressure washer systems, by virtue of their high temperatures, a high pressure, durability, and productivity are used by contractors who are approached for the maintenance of areas as diverse as restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, and agricultural equipment.

Multiple temperature options

Industrial pressure cleaning machines feature many different types of temperatures depending on what kind of machine you are using. Some hot water and commercial pressure washers enable cleaning with hot water and cold water. These machines attain temperatures between 180°F to 210°F. At high temperatures, it is easier to remove grease and ice. Another important feature is that you can use this type of a pressure washer to clean with non-heated water where hot water is not required. This enables fuel saving and reduces operational costs.

Multiple temperature options also enable steam pressure washing in an industrial high pressure washer that is equipped to attain high steam temperatures. This type of an industrial grad pressure washer has temperatures up to 330°F. This machine features what is known as the tri-mode temperature setting. These industrial high pressure washer systems can be used for cleaning with steam, hot water, or cold water. Multiple temperature options enable contractors to tackle different types of cleaning tasks. If some cleaning tasks require high temperatures, other cleaning tasks require that you use cold water for the sake of safety.


When you are planning to purchase a high temperature model, what you need is an industrial power washer that is durable. Merely attaining high temperatures and high pressure levels is insufficient if the machine is not capable of withstanding high temperatures and high pressures. In commercial settings, the machine must be exposed to high levels of temperature and pressure, not to mention corrosive chemicals, such as detergents, minerals and water. Only a high-quality industrial high pressure washer can function in such stressful conditions without frequent breakdowns or requiring replacement. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the machine for durability, before you purchase one. Usually, it is easy to find out if the machine has high-quality parts. Most of these machines feature powerful engines and motors, with due certifications. A stainless steel housing indicates that the machine is corrosion resistant and able to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Efficiency and portability

You want machines that can be used anywhere and everywhere. If you cannot carry your industrial pressure cleaning equipment to client location, you may find yourself out of work. Therefore, contractors check for portability before they purchase any machine for cleaning applications in industrial areas. Portable industrial pressure washers may be wheeled constructions with limited mobility inside a particular area. The second type of portability comes with trailer mounting. While electric machines are used due to the wide availability of electricity, this type of an industrial pressure cleaning equipment has a limitation because it cannot be functional where electricity is unavailable. To get around this problem, contractors often purchase industrial pressure washers that feature gasoline, diesel, or propane-powered machines. These machines are more mobile because they do not have to be plugged into a power socket. Not all machines are portable. Businesses that do not require machine movement can choose the stationary pressure cleaner.

If you require two people to simultaneously pressure clean to save time and boost productivity, choose a machine that features optional two-gun operation. Multi-gun operation enables more than one person to use the pressure wash system at the same time. This doubles productivity. Technologically advanced industrial power wash systems have various other features designed to boost productivity.

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