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Limitations of Steam Cleaners You Must Know About

With the right specifications, steam cleaners are capable of generating vaporized steam at extremely high temperatures that can tackle various cleaning applications remarkably well. The best steam cleaning machines available from reputed distributors generally attain pressure levels of 150 psi and temperatures up to 386ºF. However, steam cleaner products are also subject to certain limitations. Let us take a closer look into it.

The moisture content in the steam generated by steam cleaning equipment is around 5 percent water. This low moisture content makes steam cleaning ineffective for heavy-duty cleaning tasks that demand higher flow rates and pressure levels. While adding green cleaning chemicals to the steam machine can boost its cleaning power, it is recommended that you choose pressure cleaning machines for very large industrial cleaning jobs, like degreasing.

Steam cleaner products do not work the same way as pressure cleaners. Steam does not possess enough power to blast away dirt, grime, and oil the way pressurized water does. However, the super-hot steam can instantly dissolve or soften stubborn stains and dirt, thus making it easy for you to wipe the deposits away with a brush or towel. The need to wipe surfaces makes steam cleaners unsuitable for cleaning industrial equipment or machinery that may feature nooks or crevices inaccessible with towels or brushes.

So, if you are planning to purchase steam cleaning equipment, remember to analyze your requirements to decide if steam cleaning is the best for your needs.

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