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Advanced Power Washers for Cleaning Airplanes

Maintaining airplanes is no easy task. This is primarily because airplanes accumulate a large amount of dirt, grease, and grime during flight. The longer the dirt sits on the plane, the more difficult it is to eliminate. However, elimination of these residues is essential for proper functioning of the plane. To simplify this cleaning operation so that maintenance can be performed regularly without compromising results, check out advanced power washers, such as jet fuel pressure washers.

Manually cleaning a plane seems an almost impossible task. They are exposed to a wide variety of elements that can be very difficult to remove, given their large stature. For fast and effective cleaning of an airplane, consider powerful jet fuel powered pressure washers. With pressure levels from 3000-3500 psi, these power washers have enough power to blast away dirt and grime from the plane and leave it clean and looking new.

While many commercial and industrial users opt for 1000 to 2000 psi electric power washers for many cleaning applications, these low pressure levels will not offer the extreme cleaning power needed for challenging airplane maintenance applications. 2000 psi electric power washers may be used for airport maintenance applications, however a more powerful machine should be selected for removing grease and other residues from airplanes.

Jet fuel pressure washers offer several benefits when used for airplane maintenance. First, and foremost, jet fuel is a readily available fuel source, thus convenience is enhanced. Leading suppliers offer commercial and industrial versions of jet fuel pressure washers that can be powered by JP5 or JP8 jet fuel types. Second, jet fuel powered and heated power washers can be used in cold water, hot water, and steam modes for applications with varying degrees of difficulty.

Another important consideration is durability. High-grade power washers offered by reputable distributors are ruggedly constructed with the best-quality components, making them capable of exceptional cleaning capabilities even under the most demanding conditions.

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