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Working Hard to Remove Graffiti? Try Pressure Cleaning

Removing graffiti from concrete walls can be a very difficult task, mainly due to the porous nature of concrete. Spray paint quickly penetrates deep into the concrete walls, making it nearly impossible to remove it. This is why you need to use the best pressure washers to deep clean these walls and remove every trace of graffiti. Of all methods currently in use for cleaning graffiti, the most effective is the use of steam pressure washers.

Leading suppliers now offer high-quality water pressure washers with steam cleaning capabilities. The top-grade components and tough construction of these high pressure washer machines make them the perfect choice for pressure cleaning jobs and graffiti removal. The best pressure washers have pressure levels of 3000 psi and flow rates of 5 GPM, easily capable of eliminating graffiti. In addition, steam temperature levels can reach up to 330°F to readily dissolve paint residues.

The hot steam of these water pressure washers helps to penetrate into the concrete to not only remove stains from the surface, but deep inside as well. For an added advantage, green chemicals specifically formulated for removing graffiti can be added to steam pressure washers. These green chemicals are safe and non-toxic. Breaking down quickly in the environment, green cleaners are the ultimate way to enhance the graffiti removal capabilities of your pressure cleaner.

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