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Pressure Levels and Cleaning Power – Here's How They Are Connected

A pressure washer can be described as an advanced cleaning machine that ejects water at high pressure levels to attain unbelievable cleaning results. Because of this, pressure levels are one of the most important features to consider when choosing pressure cleaners.

The different versions of pressure washer machines available from reputable distributors feature various pressure levels to cater to a range of cleaning tasks in industrial and commercial settings. While the 1500 psi electric power washers feature pressure levels of 1500 psi, there are other heavy-duty versions of pressure washer available with pressure levels of up to 8000 psi.

Ultimately, the pressure level you require depends on the applications you face. Reputable suppliers offer 1500 psi electric power washers. These moderate pressure levels are ideal for auto detailing where higher pressure levels may damage painted automotive surfaces. 2000 psi power washer machines are also available for more demanding commercial and industrial applications.

These machines, plus those at other pressure level ratings, feature tri-mode capabilities with cold water, hot water, and steam temperatures. Steam is important for degreasing, as it helps break down dirt and grease on the surface. In fact, a combination of high steam temperatures up to 330°F and pressure levels up to 3500 psi are ideal for heavy-duty degreasing applications.

When purchasing a pressure washer, it is important to choose machines from reputable suppliers. Whether you are looking for a 2000 psi power washer for cleaning machinery, a 1500 psi electric pressure washers for fleet maintenance, or a high-powered steam pressure cleaner with pressure levels of 3500 psi, purchase from reputable suppliers that retail high quality machines. Purchasing a pressure washer with quality parts will help your machine last longer and effectively get the job done.

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