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The Importance of Steam Cleaners with HEPA Filters

As technology advances, steam cleaners have become more equipped to handle challenging commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Carpet steam cleaners can more effectively spot clean dirt and stains out of carpets. Industrial steam cleaners are more effective in cleaning industrial flooring, table and counter tops, furniture, and other areas. Certain commercial steam cleaners can even disinfect surfaces in hospitals, food service and preparation facilities, nursing homes, and more. To dramatically increase the cleaning capabilities in your factory or office, consider purchasing industrial steam cleaners and commercial carpet steam cleaners with HEPA filters.

The latest versions of steam cleaners eject super-hot steam that contains only 5 percent moisture. Low moisture content means less mess and little water remaining after a cleaning session.

HEPA filters are another notable inclusion in steam cleaners. Quality steam cleaning machines feature HEPA filtration systems that provide extra protection against allergens by efficiently removing them from surfaces and depositing them in water, instead of reintroducing them into the atmosphere. Using a cleaning machine with HEPA filters in the office or factory will improve the quality of air and eliminate allergens and air-borne dirt.

Here are some other features of steam cleaning machines you will find among the industry's top machines:

  • Super-heated steam at temperatures up to 360ºF
  • Detergent chamber into which you can add detergents to boost the cleaning power
  • Pressure levels up to 150 psi
  • Optional tools and chemicals for removing wads of chewing gum

Make sure you purchase your steam cleaner from a reputable supplier to ensure quality and durability.

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