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Real Estate and Residential Maintenance:
Finding the Best Carpet Cleaners

One of the major difficulties in selecting the best carpet shampoo machines is deciding whether they are suitable for residential or commercial use. Just as home carpet extractor machines are not recommended for industrial/commercial applications, using commercial grade machines for residential applications has its drawbacks.

However, residential real estate maintenance falls within an entirely separate category. Those responsible for maintaining residential facilities, such as apartment buildings, require greater cleaning power than a simple vacuum often used by home users. For these demanding applications, a low flow carpet extractor is ideal.

Important Considerations in Residential Carpet Maintenance

The best carpet shampoo machines for industrial applications have pressure levels as high as 500 psi with 250 inches of water column lift. They have solution and recovery tanks with capacities of 15 gallons or more. They also have auto fill and auto dump features that allow them to operate continuously without having to stop frequently for refills. These machines are ultra-powerful systems designed for the most demanding carpet cleaning applications.

Dirtied by multiple residents, carpets in shared areas must remain clean to create a pleasant, welcoming environment. As such, real estate management businesses, particularly those that manage a number of different residential facilities, are faced with the task of repeatedly cleaning and shampooing carpets. To handle these demanding applications, the power of an industrial-strength carpet shampooer is essential.

However, the pressure level and extraction power are not the only important considerations. Short drying times are imperative. Maintenance workers must clean carpets and have them ready for use by residents in a relatively short amount of time. Leaving carpets to dry for 24 hours or more is simply not feasible. As such, opting for low flow technology within carpet cleaning machines is essential.

Another important aspect is the temperature level of the machine's output. The best hot water systems can heat water to up to 210°F to increase the machine's ability to dissolve stubborn stains while decreasing drying time.

Other popular applications for powerful carpet shampooers include carpet cleaning in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, stores, and other businesses, as well as auto detailing. Whether you are considering a residential maintenance or even auto detailing, the importance of high quality components and low flow technology must be stressed.

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